We build custom systems to fit your designer home or business

We provide your FULL thermal package:

  • Retrofitting to existing homes
  • Custom flue kits to place your heating source anywhere
  • Hot Water Systems powered by your underfloor heating source
  • Home Heating powered by your underfloor system: Towel rails, Swimming pools etc.

If you are starting a renovation project, building a new home or simply want to know more about underfloor heating, contact us and we will help you out.

1. Call us to book a free site measure and quote

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and work with you to see if underfloor heating is right for your home or business. Call us on 03-429-2476

2. Quote

We will custom make a quote to fit your needs and budget from our extensive range of options.

3. Design

Our Engineers design from the ground up how it will be installed and how it will all work together based on your specifications.

4. Installation & Hand Over

Our experts then fabricate and install the system into your home or business. Upon completion train you in its use and hand over documentation.

Underfloor Heating Benefits and Features


Because unlike convection methods radiant floor heating systems conduct heat through the floor which is broadcast as heat energy waves to every object in the room, especially you...


Because radiant heat is only felt when the energy wave strikes another surface, eliminating air currents and cold surfaces...


Because heated air isn't being forced to move through the home so less dust, mould and mites are distributed, helping keep allergies and other ailments to a minimum...


Because air is not being heated and lost to colder air layers above, therefore thermostats can be set lower than convection heating.


Greenhouse gas emissions are minimised due to efficient use of Energy. Your choice of green energy: solar, geothermal.

Aesthetically Pleasing

All of the heating installation is invisible - no vents or ducts.


All underfloor heating operating systems are completely silent.

Low Maintenance

Very little maintenance or cleaning – simply turn on and enjoy.

Tested and Proven...

For over 2000 years. The idea of using radiant heat to gently warm a large floor surface at a low temperature was mastered over 2000 years ago by the Romans.

While the technology has changed over the years, the concept if as sound as it ever was; heating a large area at a modest temperature (21-25°C) produces the most comfortable and efficient form of heating possible.

Choose your own energy source; solar, boiler, wet back, geothermal... its up to you. Or we will advise for your situation.

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