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    1. Hevac may amend these terms of use from time to time so you should check and read these terms of use regularly. By continuing to use this site after any such amendment, you are deemed to have agreed to the amended terms of use.
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  5. Privacy statement
    1. Hevac may collect, retain and update personal information about you which you provide both:
      • Directly, for example, by you sending us an email inquiring about information on Hevac services; and indirectly through your use of this site and the services and functionality offered through it.
    2. Hevac may to use this information for purposes connected with:
      • Providing, monitoring and marketing existing and future law and internet related products and services, to you; keeping you informed of developments or opportunities in areas or activities you have previously been interested in or we believe you may be interested in.
      • Hevac may provide overall statistics about users, site use, demand for relevant products, services, facilities and information, traffic patterns, and related site information to reputable third parties. These statistics will not include any information which personally identifies you.
      • You are entitled to request correction of any personal information Hevac holds about you at any time. You can request to be removed from any Hevac mailing list or similar Hevac service by emailing richard@hevac.co.nz. Your rights of removal may be subject to any additional terms which apply to the relevant list or service.
  6. Right to use site and content
    1. You may access / view material on this site, however if you wish to reproduce or print any of the content on this site, provided you only use that content for informational, non-commercial purposes, you must get Hevac’s prior written consent. You may not use this site, or the content on it, for any other purpose or in any other way.
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  9. Image library
    1. Hevac Engineering Limited reserves the right to withdraw permission to reproduce copyright material whenever, in its discretion, it feels that the privilege of reproducing its material is being used in a way that is detrimental to its interest or if the instructions provided are not being followed properly to protect its copyright.

Privacy Policy

  1. What is this privacy policy about?
    1. This Privacy Policy describes how Hevac Engineering Limited will treat the personal information that we collect about you through your use of our website, social media websites and pages and other communications with us. This Privacy Policy applies to all interactions with us, subject to a more situation specific policy, disclosure or contract by or between us.
    2. This Privacy Policy explains to you how we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information and how you can access and correct your personal information and what to do if you have a complaint.
  2. Collection of personal information

  3. What kinds of personal information do we collect and hold?
    1. The kinds of personal information that we collect and hold includes names, contact details, employment history, educational qualifications, government related identifiers (e.g. tax file and inland revenue numbers, driver licence information),and other information you voluntarily provide to us, complaint details and other information for our business functions and activities.
    2. We may also collect sensitive information, such as membership of a trade union or professional association, health information and insurance policy information in respect of contractors and prospective employees.
  4. How do we collect and hold personal information?
    1. We usually collect personal information directly from the relevant individual.
    2. We may collect your personal information when you communicate with us, such as when you:
      1. (a) make inquiries about us, our products and services or contact us for any other reason so that we can process, deal with and respond to your queries or other issues including any complaints; or
      2. (b) contact, register with, post to, like or follow any of our social media websites, pages, forums or blogs; or
      3. (c) use or register on our website; or
      4. (d) register a product you have purchased or subscribe to any of our services; or
      5. (e) register for and attend at events; or
      6. (f) make applications for prospective employment and contracting opportunities with us; or
      7. (g) subscribe to a newsletter, fill out a form or survey, enter or participate in any competitions or promotions.
    3. Collection of personal information on our website or our social media pages will either be made clear from the context (e.g. request to complete information fields) or will state to the user that personal information is being collected.
    4. In addition we may collect information through click tracking (in relation to your use of our website including the content you access and any services you utilise) and through log files or cookies (as further detailed below).
  5. What happens if you do not provide your personal information to us?
    1. If you do not provide personal information that we request in connection with our activities, we may not be able to provide some or all of our products or services to you or be able to respond and assist in the manner required.
  6. Why do we collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information?
    1. We collect, use, hold and disclose your personal information for the purposes of conducting our functions and business activities, including:
      1. (a) names and contact details, to provide our products and services to our customers and information and all services relating to our products and services;
      2. (b) names and contact details, to record information regarding products purchased from us and to provide further services to you, such as product warranties and guarantees, and repair or replacement of products;
      3. (c) names, contact details, transaction and experience information such as information on your purchase transactions and our communications with you, to assist in providing better products and services to you by tailoring them to meet your needs, to keep our websites and other online presence relevant and of interest to users, for direct marketing including promotions, newsletters and competitions, to show you advertising and information that is most relevant to you and your interests, and to carry out analysis of market activity, market research and surveys;
      4. (d) for verification of your identity for use of our website, to conduct address verification or credit checks for invoicing and billing purposes;
      5. (e) to provide you with further information about us or other websites or goods or services offered by us or our related companies or which we consider may be of interest to you;
      6. (f) names, contact details, educational information, membership of trade and professional associations, sensitive information and government related identifiers, for contracting with individuals and assessing individuals for current or future employment opportunities; and
      7. (g) any other purpose which is stated to you at the time of collection or that you otherwise authorise.
  7. Do we use cookies or other web tracking systems?
    1. We track traffic patterns throughout the URL (website) registered to us.
    2. We use "cookies" on our website. A "cookie" is a small amount of information which is transferred to the hard drive of your computer and which can identify your web browser, but not you. If you want, you can disable your web browser from accepting cookies. If you do so, you can still access our website, but not all services may be available.
    3. We may automatically collect general statistical information on our website about visitors to our website, such as IP addresses, browsers used, dates visited, pages visited and number of visitors. However, such information does not refer to individuals by name or their contact details. We use this data in aggregate to improve our website. We may provide such aggregated data to third parties, but in so doing, we do not provide identifiable personal information without the individual's consent.
    4. We use third party providers to provide us with web analytics services. These providers collect information on how individuals use our website. These providers may use cookies and other technology such as clear gifs or web beacons to obtain such information. This allows us to improve our website and our services.
  8. Collection from third parties
    1. In some instances, we may collect personal information about individuals from third parties, such as wholesale and retail suppliers of home building, renovating and design related products, where individuals have made inquiries about our products to such third parties, via recruitment agencies or from third party medical service providers (which provide medical reports and services to us). In such circumstance we are relying on the third party to have obtained the individual’s consent. We may also obtain personal information from publicly available resources.
  9. Will we disclose personal information to anyone else?
    1. We may disclose personal information to:
      1. (a) our related companies and affiliates;
      2. (b) third party contractors and providers of goods and services, such as courier and delivery companies, marketing and promotion companies, training and training certification agencies and business support services like storage and handling of documents and data, and information technology service providers;
      3. (c) market research companies who undertake customer surveys for us;
      4. (d) insurance companies;
      5. (e) professional service firms providing services to us, such as legal or accountancy services;
      6. (f) as required by law, such as to regulatory agencies; and
      7. (g) any other recipient which is notified to you at the time of collection or that you otherwise authorise.
    2. We may also provide your information to others, if required or permitted by law, in accordance with the Principles and the Privacy Act.
  10. Do we disclose personal information overseas?
    1. We may disclose your personal information outside the country of collection.
    2. We share personal information outside the country of collection:
      1. (a) where we have made a business decision to store our data with a trusted service provider who is in the business of providing data storage and processing services. These services commonly involve diverse geographic locations which may change from time to time, including as a result of change of provider, changes in data protection practices and processing efficiency. Where these services are used by us, it is not always practical for us to notify you of which country your personal information may be located in;
      2. (b) for disclosures between our group companies. Our main business locations are in New Zealand and Australia, but some of our group companies are based in other countries; and
      3. (c) when our business which collected your personal information is in a different country to your location.
  11. Electronic messages
    1. You consent to the usage, provision and acceptance of any information, including our latest news or notices, in electronic form in accordance with all applicable legislation.
    2. If you provide us with electronic contact details (including email or mobile phone number), you agree that we may send you commercial electronic messages for any of the purposes set out in this privacy policy.
      1. Unsubscribing from our marketing materials
      2. Unsubscribing from email lists
      3. When we send commercial electronic messages (e.g. for marketing or promotional purposes), our message will contain instructions on how you may unsubscribe.
      4. Unsubscribing from social media pages
      5. Our social media pages provide instructions as to how you can unsubscribe from the relevant social media website or page.
      6. Unsubscribing from hard copy promotional materials
    3. When we send you hard copy promotional materials, such materials will include instructions on how you may unsubscribe from receiving such materials.
  12. Advertising and third party links:
    1. Our website or other online presence may contain links to a variety of advertising and third party website sources. Some of these links may request or record information from users or use cookies or other methods to collect information from you. We have no control over the content or privacy policy practices of such sites, and encourage our users to review the privacy policies of such sites before engaging in any activity with them.
  13. Dealing with us anonymously or using a pseudonym
    1. You may deal with us on an anonymous basis or by using a pseudonym when making inquiries through our website or social media pages, or when you make general inquiries by telephone and do not require a further response from us. However, we may need certain contact details from you to respond to inquiries.
    2. Generally, we will require your personal information in order to transact with you.
  14. Storage, Access, Correction and Removal of your Personal Information
    1. Any personal information that you provide to us will be collected and held by or on behalf of us. For our physical address please refer here. Under applicable privacy law, you may have rights of access to or correction of your personal information. You can do so at any time by contacting us by email at richard@hevac.co.nz.
    2. Before we provide you with access to your personal information we may require some proof of identity. We may charge a reasonable fee for giving access to your personal information if your request requires substantial effort on our part.
    3. In accordance with the Privacy Act, if we do not agree to:
      1. a) provide you with access to your personal information or to amend or annotate the information we hold about you, you may seek a review of our decision; or
      2. (b) make the requested changes to your personal information, you may make a statement about the requested changes and we will attach it to your record.
  15. Business Transitions
    1. In the event of a change in ownership of all or a portion of our business or the website, your user and other personal information may be transferred to the new owner so that the business or website (as applicable) can continue operations. In this event, your information would remain subject to this privacy policy.
  16. Defined terms in this Privacy Policy
    1. “Principles” is a reference to the privacy principles under the Privacy Act.
    2. “Privacy Act” is a reference to each of the Privacy Act 1993 (NZ) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Australia), and any other applicable privacy laws in New Zealand and/or Australia.
  17. Complaints
    1. You can send written complaints about a breach of the Principles or the Privacy Act in relation to your personal information by email to richard@hevac.co.nz. Complaints will be reviewed by our Privacy Officer and a response will usually be provided within 30 days of receipt of the complaint.
    2. If you believe that your complaint has not been satisfactorily addressed by us, after following the procedure set out above, you can make a complaint in to the New Zealand or Australian authorities.
  18. Amendments
    1. We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments to this Privacy Policy will be posted on our website and will be effective when posted. Please check our Privacy Policy regularly for updates and amendments. *As amended January 2019